Acheson Homes is committed to socially and environmentally responsible development through good business practice and technical innovation.

Social Responsibility

We have experience in delivering hundreds of social, affordable and mixed tenure homes throughout the UK and are committed to working with the NIHE, local communities and Housing Associations to address the needs and requirements of local communities.


Our technical team have been at the forefront of delivering Northern Ireland’s most sustainable homes. We continue to evaluate new technology, design and materials and consider how they can be applied to delivering both life time homes and code for sustainable homes standards.

Environmental Policy

We don’t believe in success at any price. We believe we have a responsibility to protect and care for the environment.

The construction and occupation of houses in Northern Ireland has an inevitable impact on the environment. It is common for people to focus their attention on the short-term issues during construction but the most significant environmental impacts of a housing development are often only felt long after the developer has left.

Choosing the best location and design of houses is vital as this determines the level of efficiency, the lifestyle decisions of inhabitants and the long-term sustainability of a development as a whole. In addition, we have a responsibility to provide future occupants with the opportunity to maintain their property in a sustainable way, through for example, the incorporation of energy efficient heating systems, good insulation and air tight standards to minimise the impact on the local environment.

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